SeedMe Marketing Site

A mobile-first website where users can explore the plant database of a conceptual gardening app.


My class challenge was to create a responsive website that taught users a skill. I played around with ideas, and decided they would work best as an app. So, to make the website, I decided to design a marketing site for a conceptual gardening app.

This product would organize the process of starting plants from seed for home gardeners. I wanted users to experience aspects of the app that would be suited to a site, so they could appreciate its' value. This meant I had to figure out how to make the website a useful resource on its own.

<note_text>Disclaimer: This work was pursued as a personal project.<note_text>


Seeds have wide array of germination, growing, and transplanting times, and keeping track of everything can be confusing, expensive, and disorganized.

There isn’t a current product, with clean UI and a variety of plant types (ie, not just vegetables) that supports the user’s day to day growing.

People don’t know what the SeedMe app is, how to use it, or what value it would offer to them.

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What I Did

  1. Interviewed stakeholders and users to identify needs and frustrations in growing plants from seed.
  2. Synthesized findings with a competitive analyses, personas, affinity maps, and insights.
  3. Established a brand and visual identity.
  4. Ideated features and brought possible solutions to life in low, middle, and high fidelity responsive designs.
  5. Prototyped, tested, and iterated based on a prioritization matrix.


UX Research, UX/UI Design, Branding, Copywriting


6 Weeks (first phase of Designlab's UX Academy)


Mobile First Responsive Marketing Site


Figma, FigJam, Mural, Otter.ai, OptimalSort, Google Suite, Zoom



I gathered information from 6 potential seed-starters via phone call, Zoom videochat, and in person one-on-one interviews.



I found they wanted to:

  • grow healthy plants from seeds
  • practice sustainability
  • increase biodiversity
  • make cost-effective use of resources
  • efficiently manage time
  • relax with a happy hobby
  • feel connected to nature
  • connect with others
  • grow food
  • raise little life forms

Standing in their way was:

  • Managing the wide array of germination, growing, and transplanting times
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the vast world of plants
  • Worry about doing the wrong thing
  • Confusion around what variables they can control (example: bringing seedlings outside for a few hours a day), and which they cannot (weather, animals)
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How might we build home gardeners’ confidence in their ability to meet seedlings’ needs?

How might we engage home gardeners with features of the SeedMe app, so they are confident in what they can control?


After braintstorming with creative constraints, I chose three features.


After presenting my original sitemap in a group critique, I realized that it was way too complicated. I had a lot of ideas for additional features that users might enjoy, and I'd labelled their categories through card sorting. However, these additional features cluttered the navigation and were better suited to the app itself.

I ended up simplifying the website navigation to bring the focus back to the main values and selling points of the app.


I went through multiple rounds of low-fidelity wireframes.

I'd originally had the idea that the users could find plants in the database, save them, and then sort them into their seed collection.

However, the website didn't need to be that complicated - users could download the app for more advanced interactions.

This database would function better with a simple and familiar wishlist.



Style Guide

UI Kit


I developed four use cases to prototype and test.

#1:  How do I grow it?

I want to find detailed seed-starting information for a pretty zinnia plant, but I don’t know its official name.

#2: Where can I save my personal information?

In order to save a Wishlist, I need to create an account. Will it be simple and quick?

#3:  How do I keep a plant’s information for later?

  1. I want to add a special plant from the Plant Database to my Wishlist.
  2. If I add the wrong one, I want to remove it.

#4:  How Can the SeedMe app help me grow?

I’m unfamiliar with this product. What does it offer?


Five adult Gardeners participated in a mix of in-person and zoom tests.

Usability Scorecards

Tasks were timed, and detailed notes were reviewed to establish necessary changes to the prototype.

Task Completion Rates

  • Task 1: (success < 2 minutes): 5/5
  • Task 2 (success < 2 minutes): 3/5
  • Task 3a (success < 2 minutes): 4/5
  • Task 3b (success < 5 minutes): 3/5
  • Task 4: (succès < 3 minutes): 5/5
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Home Screen



Next Steps

I'd like to establish the plant database more. I think, with the wide array of seeds available, tailoring the sort and filter functions would be crucial. That would be a priority avenue to test.

What I Learned

Since this was my first-ever UX project, I learned A TON. This included how to: conduct interviews, design on a grid, make a logo, establish information hierarchy, set style choices, integrate icons, and test prototypes with users.

Simplifying concepts was also a key takeaway - originally I wanted to incorporate a whole slew of features. Narrowing down the scope of the project to the key points increased the quality of the user's experience, and helped keep things on track.