SeedMe Gardening App

Organize your seed packet collection, maintain a clear planting schedule, and never forget a step in seedling care.


Seeds have wide array of germination, growing, and transplanting times, and keeping track of everything can be confusing, expensive, and disorganized.

There isn’t a current product, with clean UI and a variety of plant types (ie, not just vegetables) that supports the user’s day to day growing.

People don’t know when to start their seeds, which seeds to start at the same time, or how to make sure they’re on top of seedling care.

<note_text>Disclaimer: This work was pursued as a personal project. It has not moved into development.<note_text>

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What I Did

  1. Interviewed stakeholders and users to identify needs and frustrations in growing plants from seed.
  2. Synthesized findings with a competitive analyses, personas, affinity maps, and insights.
  3. Established a brand and visual identity.
  4. Ideated features and brought possible solutions to life in low, middle, and high fidelity responsive designs.
  5. Prototyped, tested, and iterated based on a prioritization matrix.


Research and UX/UI Design


80 Hours (March - April 2023


End-to-End Conceptual Android App


Figma, OptimalSort, Mural, Otter.ai



  • Learn about ways home gardeners organize their seed-starting processes.
  • Establish pain points, motivations, needs, and tactics of home gardeners.
  • Investigate the current landscape of gardening apps oriented toward seeds.

Competitive Analysis

To understand the current digital support for home gardeners, I conducted a competitive analysis of five top seed-starting apps.

I found that none of them provided seed-starting information for a wide array of plants in a clear and accessible format.

Users had to dig deep to find information in articles and resources, there were very few images to support text, and the UI was dated and confusing.



To find gardeners, I put a message out on Instagram.

Six people volunteered. (One volunteered her dad.)


In a mix of methods (via Zoom, over the phone, and in person), I asked questions to understand:

  • What inspired them to grow plants from seed.
  • Their current approach to seed-starting.
  • Their worst and best seed-starting experiences.
  • How they stayed organized.
  • Tools they may use to manage their time.



After transcribing the conversations in Otter.ai, I created a massive affinity map of key statements in Mural.

Top Five Themes


Since home gardeners are a diverse group with varying needs, wants, and motivations, I established three personas.

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  • How might we build home gardeners’ confidence in their ability to efficiently grow healthy plants from seed?
  • How might we support seed starters’ in remembering watering, fertilizing, lighting, and transplanting schedules?
  • How might we give seedlings the best and safest possible experience from germination to transplantation?
  • How might we present particular seed-starting information for a diverse array of seeds?
  • How might we organize the process of growing from seed for overwhelmed gardeners?


After brainstorming pages of ideas using creative constraints, I established five features to develop.


To explore how someone would interact with the five features, I established three key flows. These were: 1 - The user wants to start a Care Group and add it to the Calendar/To Do List, 2 - The user wants to add a seed packet to their collection with the barcode scanner, 3 - The user wants to add lighting and heat products to their Seed Starting Setup.

I'd originally had them as separate flows, but decided to merge them together into one all-encompassing user flow. This way, I could see where the pages overlapped (in terms of future design and navigation). I could also view and assess all of a user's options at one time, since they probably wouldn't have a completely linear approach to the app.




Style Guide

  • I started by making a map of associated words for my brand values, and then sketched out logo ideas.
  • To evoke an inky, handmade aesthetic, and to not detract attention from the actual plant photos, I chose a pen-like blue primary color.
  • Watercolor illustrations inspired the homepage, as they felt down-to-earth.
  • I designed out some potential icons that were specific to seeds, to supplement the Material Symbols, but didn't end up needing them in the project.

UI Kit


To address common pain points, I developed four situations to test.

#1: Can I find clear growing information for my salvia seeds?

I want to know all of the official specifics, plus include some notes and pictures of my own, since seed starting experiences can vary from garden to garden.

#2:  How do I add a Physical seed packet to the app?

I want to quickly store all of its’ growing information in one place, and be able to view and sort my whole collection at any time.

#3: Can I figure out what other seeds have a similar schedule and start that group today?

I want seeds with similar growing timeframes to get grouped together.

#4: My dad gave Me an old watering can, and I want to log it in the app.

I want to keep track of all my materials. Since this item doesn’t have a barcode, I’m going to enter it manually. How easy will that be?


Five adult gardeners participated in a mix of in-person and zoom tests.

Usability Scorecards

I watched the test recordings, and then filled out detailed spreadsheets for each participant.
Timing the tasks and asking for ratings  added quantitative data points.

A snippet from the scorecards.

    Task Completion Rates

    • Task 1 (success < 2 minutes): 5/5
    • Task 2 (success < 2 minutes): 3/5
    • Task 3a (sucess < 2 minutes): 4/5
    • Task 3b (success < 5 minutes): 3/5
    • Task 4 (success < 3 minutes): 5/5
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    Impact/Effort Matrix

    To determine priority iterations for my narrow timeframe, I mapped out the testers' comments. The gray post-its were given more weight, as they were suggested by more than one person.



    Plant Profile

    Navigation Tabs

    Popup for Sorting A Seed Packet

    All Groups page

    Individual Group



    Next Steps: Further Testing

    I'd like to test out the new changes to see if the clarity of the grouping feature improved.

    I wonder, are the new instructions in the task list helpful or overwhelming? Since that section is now very text-heavy, video clips or animations of the tasks might be more engaging to the user.

    I refined the features through a lot of research and testing. During my user testing, there was some question as to whether the Materials section was necessary. I still think it's a useful feature to have, but if I was to develop this product further, I would focus more attention on the task lists and calendar functions. These seemed more relevant to the users in growing from seed.

    What I Learned

    Narrowing down my focus was key in creating this app.

    I'd never designed an app before, and I came into the project with an excess of ideas. I love to garden, and I'm always thinking about ways to improve my system. This mean I had a lot of ideas to develop solutions for my users' pain points, and I needed to prioritize.